FSC “Farmers’ Service Centre”

………FSC of Kiato certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 has been operating as a certified second degree entity in cooperation with GAIA EPICHEIREIN since 2014. Its over-20 year experience is a warranty of reliability and for the correct handling of financial aid for producers.

………It is active especially in the Municipality of Sikyonia (Sikyonies, Stymfalia and Feneos), in the Municipality of Velo-Vocha and the Municipality of Nemea. The experienced and trained staff of the FSC of Kiato stands by the producer throughout the year. OSDE statements and the ELGA cultivation statement are an important part of the support it provides without however being limited to them; its staff plays a significant role by performing complementary OSDE tasks, such as alignment, transfers of rights, update-inventory of the register of sheep and goats for breeders.